Cryptocon in Sydney

The world’s first bitcoin conference to have police, members of a drug squad (?), a lawyer, GST experts and global entrepreneurs at the same table. (Well, the first one I know of anyway!)

Some very interesting discussions (although we were restricted to filming mainly interviews).  Unfortunately the police declined our invitations to be interviewed – but were still very friendly and inquisitive about cryptocurrencies. We have a card for their media expert / PR person whom we haven’t called yet.  Maybe leave him for ep.3!

There were plenty of people who did talk to us though.  We picked up more magical conversations that you can poke a USB stick at and asked experts about regulation, talked about the BitLicence (“is that a joke?”) and about Distributed Autonomous Corporations.  We also had a fascinating open conversation with a couple of lawyers about how the bitcoin blockchain might stretch the boundaries of how the legal profession currently operates.

Thanks to all that were involved in the three days we visited.

Sydney is official a big part of the doco – and we’ll be coming back for more!

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