We are now Editing…

It’s taken a huge amount of time to capture everything so far – mostly because there is so much happening constantly in the croypto sphere.  We didn’t want to miss anything so there has been a LOT of footage to log and watch though.  While the short YouTube cut will be a trimmed back version, we’ll be sure to make sure all backers / supporters have access to the full version.

So far:

– About 35 interviews with people from around Australia (with internationals too)

– Coverage from meetups, conferences and social settings

– Great situational events such as using bitcoin ATM’s, using bitcoin, shopping tours, trading businesses, the Bitcoin Roadshow and more!

Still have to pick up shots that illustrate what people are talking about (aka. cut away) but we’ll get the base of the edit down first then pickup those shots in a session next month.  It’s all go – if you don’t hear from us for a while it means we are busy!

Stand by…