Meet Jenny from VeraChan

One of the main reasons we made #theBitcoinDoco was to introduce people with businesses so that viewers could get a sense of why they’d want to visit these shops. When Jenny told us how her collection came about we just had to get her story out, like other Bitcoin business owners, we’ve found that these guys are usually tucked away in pockets of main shopping strips, their shops are unique, it’s like walking into a different world. And Jenny does have “stuff everywhere”,  she makes stunning origami figures and sticks them in frames, turns them into hats… there’s adorable little knickknacks tucked away on shelves and beautifully framed pictures hanging on the walls – even with origami’d cranes inside. As you can hear, she breaks down barriers for newbies and makes it really easy for people to transfer their coin over, that could be part of the reason Bitcoiners spend three times as much in her space. Although, we’ve heard that from quite a few businesses “people who use Bitcoin come from all over the place, and THEY SHOP!!”

Set aside 10 minutes to listen to her story, here on vimeo