Bonus material

It’s time to connect and create again, go thru the interviews, see what we’ve got, what we need and which direction episode two would be taking.  A lot has happened in the past 12 months – and looking at the calendar – how did it become April so quickly???

Going through our material and watching the video’s has been fantastic.  Some of the info is already dated in less than 6 months yet a whole lot is timeless. It feels like cryptocurrencies have moved a lifetime in the relatively short time since we put down the cameras.  Russia have just recently lifted their ban on people using/mining/trading cryptocurrencies (statistics show that the Russian people are happy about that), New York regulators are finalising their BitLicence, the ATO have ruled Bitcoin as a commodity, Silk Road case went to court, other dark markets have collapsed, more have grown… and Apple are creating their own digital currency – (comically known in cryptospheres as payAAPL.)

One thing is certain, cryptocurrencies are not going away.

While we’re busy creating episode two we’ll be uploading bonus interviews of the people we won’t including in parts 2 and 3 – not because we don’t like them anymore – simply because it was left over from episode 1. We’re starting our bonus material with the woman who got most of the feedback from episode 1 – Jenny from VeraChan.  To find out how she came up with that name on the next block to the right —>