Bitcoin Tour @ Melbourne

The Melbourne Bitcoin shopping tours take both international visitors and locals on tours to local businesses that accept Cyrptocurrency.  We documented one of these tours over a few hours and attracted some very interesting people! Josie from Tasmania heard about it on her way to the Hub where we agreed to meet. Remco ever curious how this bitcoin thing worked wanted to find the catch – and he did. Cam the journalist was fascinated about the opportunities crypto currencies offer travellers, and his mind started ticking when we talked about what cryptocurrencies would make available for tourism – he raised many questions that got us thinking.

2014-01-29-tour8  2014-01-29-tour2 2014-01-29-tour3 2014-01-29-tour4 2014-01-29-tour5 2014-01-29-tour6 2014-01-29-tour7