Obtaining “Coin”

How many people do you know who are operating a mining operation in their bathroom?! Turns out that Mining for cyptocurrency requires three things : a cool space, a powerful computer and cheap power.  Well, maybe four: especially if you add an enthusiastic solar energy technician!  Meet Eddie, he’s a bit of a legend.  You’ll meet Eddie in the doco and see what he’s set up for mining “coins”.

We also discuss cold storage (offline wallets) and the excitement and buzz of mining. Which brings us to the topic of “alternative coins”… something we’ll be touching on in the doco.

Also, remember Michael, the comedian?  We caught up with him to find out how his Channel31 gig was received, it turns out better than expected, and he was extremely happy with the bitcoin tips his youtube clip generated.

Two of his mates who sat down to join the pretty casual conversation at a Melbourne tram stop. They had both owned bitcoin, and sold it at the supposed peak of $100 – they didn’t think Bitcoin was all that mindblowing as a topic.

We also dropped in at Pozible – another Australian startup that has grown from a co-working space (The Hub) to now taking over a warehouse space in Collingwood. Did we mention they accept Bitcoin?

2014-02-27-meetppl 2014-02-27-meetpp2