Crowd Funding Launch Party : Engage!

Our Crowd Funding campaign has begun!

To celebrate we threw a little Wednesday night launch party at 1000PoundBend in the CBD of Melbourne and screened some exclusive content. The bar was set up to accept bitcoin for the night, and it was beautiful sight to see bar staff show new Bitcoin users how to make a transaction. DavidBrim brought in a TomCar, OhMyFudge sold confectionery and Juice Rap News provided us some awesome entertainment.

Our team teleported free bitcoin to people who had never used bitcoin before  (thanks Sam for contributing to our gift!) and we had a video camera in the ‘too dark’ corner to capture responses. There were some great reflections about cyrptocurrency after people saw the footage.

A massive THANKYOU to everyone that come out on a week night and made the launch a success. Seeing the looks on peoples’ faces as they transferred bitcoin and got something ‘real’ in return spurred us on.

Edit: The initial funding stage is over – but we are still working on a shoe string budget.  You can still support us by clicking “support” above.

2014-06-17 blaunch4 2014-06-17 blaunch2 2014-06-17 blaunch1