Melbournes First Bitcoin Conference

” Inside Bitcoin”

This is the first of two conferences we plan on attending and covering.

For us, it was a highly organised affair with interviews and meetings scheduled for both days and we picked up some amazing content.  We covered futuristic blockchain possibilities with DrCraigSWright, asked GST expert Matthew Cridland questions about bitcoin and tax, met with hardware developers and asked one of them if he’d hand over ID’s if pressed by government bodies. We also discussed online privacy and security, and realised we’ve got an amazingly talented bunch of people living in Australia.

The interview sessions were extremely valuable however (between you and us) there wasn’t much else to film at the conference. Being the “first Bitcoin conference in Melb” we realise it had to start somewhere – it seemed the venue was the wrong somewhere. Local business couldn’t afford the fee for a stall which meant there were only two exhibitors’ booths and one them was CoinJar. The passionate young adopters who flock to our monthly meets couldn’t afford tickets, so there were a lot of guys in suits in an oversized room shared with a 3D conference and security guards to check ID EVERY TIME same faces went through. The experience lead us to question the benefit cryptocurrency conferences have for the community.

James Canning didn’t feel any of that, a fan of his work came to the conference to meet him, and a lot of other people listed James as one of the best speakers. He’s gaining legend status in the bitcoin gambling world. After interviewing him, it’s pretty clear why.

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